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BAT and you

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  • Life at BAT

    Life at BAT

    Life at BAT

    We are all about driving high performance, while developing the next generation of leaders. Ours is a stretching yet supportive culture based on personal commitment and responsibility, and it attracts a talented and diverse array of people.

  • International exposure

    International exposure

    International exposure

    An international role isn’t something you grow into at BAT. As a business, we were born international. So it’s a mindset you embrace, an influence you enjoy and a way of working you adopt from the day you start.

  • Limitless opportunities

    Limitless opportunities

    Limitless opportunities

    Our size and scope mean we have opportunities to suit almost any skillset at BAT. From fresh graduate to senior manager, sales rep to scientist, accountant to agronomist, you’re almost certain to find a uniquely rewarding opportunity with us.

  • Career Development

    Career Development

    Career development

    We see your career as a long-term commitment and invest in your future potential. It’s a true partnership too. You’ll be supported at every stage, with ongoing opportunities to develop on the job, through peers and via formal training.

    Ultimately, though, we expect you to take ownership of your own development plan. We encourage you to stand up and be counted, to assess your strengths and weaknesses honestly and to get feedback from your colleagues. As one of our future leaders, we count on you to make continuous learning and the quest for improvement a part of your personality – to be hungry for new ideas, skills and assignments.

  • Rewards



    Operating in a highly regulated industry requires a level of rigour and responsibility that few other companies have to match. Therefore, the hurdles you have to jump here may be higher than elsewhere. But when you do overcome these challenges, the satisfaction is greater and the rewards are bigger too.