The big questions

The Big Questions
Smoking is a cause of various serious and fatal diseases – and the only way to avoid the risks of smoking is not to smoke. We are very open about this and we understand that some people don’t like smoking. We also believe in individual choice and support the right of adults, who know the risks, to decide whether or not they want to smoke. Our business is about meeting the preferences of the one billion adults who do choose to smoke. We do not encourage people to take up smoking or to smoke more – our aim is to grow market share vis-à-vis our competitors by offering innovative products and quality brands to existing adult smokers. Tobacco harm reduction is also an important focus for our business, and we are leading the industry in developing less risky nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes.
We have been around a long time – over 110 years in fact – and we are looking ahead with confidence. We’re not alone in our view that BAT has a strong and sustainable future. Millions of adults around the world choose to smoke, and there is little to suggest that consumer demand for cigarettes will reduce significantly. While cigarette volumes in some developed countries continue to decline year on year, the overall value of the tobacco market continues to grow. Longer-term trends will see fewer smokers as a percentage of the population, but we believe that global population growth, consumer demand for premium and innovative tobacco products and emerging next-generation product categories will provide strong growth opportunities in the years to come.
No. Our workforce seems to reflect the average in terms of the ratios of smokers and non-smokers. Our offices foster a happy and productive environment where we work to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers comfortably. All employees are encouraged to show courtesy and tolerance in this issue.
You will find people at BAT feel proud of working for a great company, one with a longstanding reputation of satisfying customers’ demand for a legal product. We continue to attract and retain experienced managers and graduates of the highest calibre worldwide, who choose to pursue a rewarding career with BAT.
We take pride in the responsible way our businesses are run. We are a legitimate company selling a legal and highly regulated product and we abide by local laws in all the countries we operate in – in many cases going further through our own voluntary International Marketing Principles. We are one of the world’s largest multinational companies, employing more than 50,000 people worldwide, and we have been named as a top employer in many countries. Our company has a rich heritage and people are proud to work for BAT because they believe we are the best tobacco company in the world.