Humberto Moisés

IT Account Manager,
IT, Brazil

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Humberto Moisés

“I was hired as an intern by Souza Cruz back in 2002 just as I was about to graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering. I remember having some doubts about the ethics of the product, but I was interested enough to accept the challenge and see what happened. I’m glad I did, because in my first few days I was struck by something unusual: the company’s capacity to make its employees fall in love with the business. How? Simply, through its efforts to deliver a high quality product, combined with its highly responsible management practices.

“Anyway, I was fortunate to be accepted on to the Management Trainee Program and, within a year, I was already involved in a very intense development and qualification process, working on projects and getting to know in detail the different business areas. As part of this, I joined an IT-led marketing project, the aim of which was to align best practice across our markets around the world – all 180 of them!

“After three years working in the south of Brazil as an IT Business Analyst for our Leaf operations, I came back to Rio de Janeiro to structure the IT Architecture unit – a daunting task which meant working with the team in Argentina to build the entire framework for applications development from scratch. Today, I work as part of the team responsible for IT’s relations with the other areas of the company, helping to identify their main demands and moulding the IT structure accordingly.

“If you want to enjoy your life here, you must enjoy taking on challenges, going beyond your own limits and – above all – keeping on learning. This is a company that respects the professional life, and it invests a lot in adding to its people’s development – both through day-to-day learning and formal sessions in the classroom.

“If you’re serious about joining us, what I’d suggest is that you do some detailed research about our company – that way, you may start to understand why the people who work here are so in love with what they do; it may also help you break down all the myths and prejudices that surround our industry.”