Fábio Carvalho

Logistic Merchandising Manager,
Marketing, Brazil

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Fábio Carvalho

“As soon as I got my degree in Communications & Advertising, I started working at Souza Cruz as an Information Technician, on the advice of a friend who knew the company culture and thought I’d be a ‘good fit’. So it was ironic that I showed up for the interview wearing a suit and a tie, little realising it wasn’t necessary to dress so formally.

“As well as this insight, I found out that one of the company’s strengths was its ability to offer many different opportunities to its staff. Six months after joining, I found the truth of this for myself because I was promoted to a more challenging position on the back of some good work I’d done.

“I’m now in Merchandising Logistics, which is an integral part of our secondary supply chain. I am responsible for managing the Brazilian South Merchandising Operation. My team of 120 oversees the communications strategy of our brands at the points of sale – everything from the storage and transportation of the displays to the way they’re executed in-store.

“When you consider that Souza Cruz has more than 300,000 retail outlets selling its products (over 180,000 with merchandising material), you can see what a huge challenge we face every day. That’s why it’s essential to be in complete alignment with our colleagues in Brands, Marketing Development and Regional Marketing. Only then can we make sure that the campaign schedules run as they should, and to the same high standards.

“Souza Cruz is a company with eyes on the future. It’s been said that we have a history of constantly reinventing ourselves, and I think that’s very true. For while we have a rich history, we’re not attached to the past. We’re always open to new ideas, and have created an environment that gives people the freedom to innovate. This is why, year on year, Souza Cruz is making an increasingly vital contribution to the BAT Group.

“If you decide to join us, you’ll find that we’re a company which offers all the professional development and support you’ll need. You’ll also find out why everyone feels as if they own their own little part of the business.”