Andras Mohacsi

Assistant Regional General Counsel,
Legal, Netherlands

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Andras Mohacsi

“When I started to practise law, I wanted to find solutions for people. I wanted to find out what they wanted to achieve and then help them do it. I had a real passion for the business environment, and that obviously came across in my interview because I clicked immediately with everyone present, especially the General Manager.

“I became the first in-house counsel for the company’s Hungary operations, and I had to change the way people worked. They had to talk to a lawyer for the first time, and even very senior people didn’t understand why I was needed there. So relationships took a while to develop.

“That was 15 years ago now, and I’ve since worked all over Europe, counselling senior managers and building and rebuilding legal teams. My motivation’s stayed constant throughout, but my reasons for it change. Today, my intellectual interest in law and how it’s applied to our business is what stimulates me most. But a few years ago, it would have been something entirely different. And in a few years’ time, it’ll be something else again.

“I’ve seen the company change a lot, and it’s still changing today. It’s moving from a regional, decentralised organisation to a global, centralised one. But it’s changing in small, meaningful ways, too. The board recently brought back the original Guiding Principles, and I thought this was a fantastic thing to do.

“The Guiding Principle that means most to me is ‘Freedom Through Responsibility’. This ideal gave me the impetus to work towards what I wanted to achieve – both for the company and for myself. The Principles are also important because, while its framework may change, the company will always need people who are creative and who challenge the status quo. And you can’t have them without also having these Principles. I’m certain of that.”