Aneta Hancakova

Marketing Management Trainee,
Marketing, Prague

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Aneta Hancakova

“I’ve always been interested in international business and marketing – two areas in which the company really excels – so the chance to do both on BAT’s Marketing Management Training scheme got my attention. I also liked the sound of the rotational nature of the programme, as I could experience life in different areas of marketing. I suppose I’m exploring things, really, so that I find out where my strengths are, and the areas that I’m most interested in.

“I’ve only been on the programme for four months, but I’m having a brilliant time. At the start, I went to Amsterdam for a one-week induction with the rest of the international Management Trainees. This was a great opportunity to meet with my peers from around the world and to get to know the company culture. After that, I returned to Prague to start my first proper rotation with the Strategy & Planning Insight team.

“My fellow Trainees are very competitive, of course. They are all enthusiastic and ambitious, so you think that you have to do the same long hours as they do. But it’s got to be a personal decision as well as a professional one: if you only want to stay until a certain time one day, for instance, then you have to focus on making sure that’s what you do.

“I’m coming to the end of this rotation soon, and it’s been amazing. I’ve been looking at consumer behaviour among smokers in the Czech Republic. That’s no small task, and it’s seen me analyse data and provide insights into why people choose one brand over another. Although much of my learning has been on the job, the company also has great online resources, which describe in detail how each function works. I also have a coach and a mentor to guide my development — which, I think, says a lot about how much the company values its graduates.”