Sergii Tkachenko

Management Trainee,
Operations, Ukraine

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Sergii Tkachenko

“After graduation, I was looking for a job with an international company. The key factor that drew my interest in BAT’s Management Trainee (MT) Programme was an opportunity to get development rotations in several departments, including an international assignment. The tasks during the selection process were quite difficult, but interesting, and therefore I wanted to tackle them successfully. During the selection process, the Human Resources team were open to answer any questions I had regarding the Programme. I found that the process passed quite smoothly and was delighted to find out that I’d been offered a place!

“From the very first day, I was impressed by how much time and effort the Company puts into its employees. During the first three weeks with the Company, MTs spent one week in the Kiev office, the second one at Pryluky tobacco factory and the last one with trade teams in the regions where we learned about the Company's strategy, our products, production processes, brand sales and our priorities and standards in general.

“The biggest revelation for me came from comprehending just how complex our product manufacturing and selling process was. In fact, when you see, for the first time, high-speed machines capable of manufacturing 12,000 units per minute, the first thing that pops into your head is ‘Wow!’

“During this period, I met many wonderful people; some of them became my good friends outside work. I respect them immensely for their professional and personal skills. In addition, I was very impressed with the innovation at Pryluky Factory; it is perceived as a very interesting and comfortable place to work due to sophisticated machines and state-of-the-art technologies that have been installed there.

“I believe that the Programme offers great professional and career growth opportunities. On the one hand, the Programme enables Management Trainees to choose the area of development while enjoying comprehensive support from the Company. On the other, the Company sets MTs ambitious goals, expecting them to not only be reached, but far surpassed with outstanding results achieved. By rising to these challenges, I’ve put more in and got even more out!