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The programme starts with our comprehensive onboarding - a fascinating experiential journey through the world of BAT that takes in our history, our vision and values, and the underlying strategy we call the BAT way.

You'll gain a fantastic insight into the business as a whole, from our leaf and factory operations to the products we sell, the markets we operate in, the organisations we compete with and, most important of all, the customers we serve.

You'll discover how our various support functions, including Finance, Human Resources and Legal and External Affairs work together to meet the needs of the business today, while helping us secure a successful and sustainable tomorrow.

And last but not least, you'll learn about the crucial role you have to play in all of this, the framework for your development, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us in return.


In your first year you’ll come together with other BAT graduates from across the globe at our dedicated, world-class learning academy in the heart of the English countryside.

The first of these week-long residential courses at the BAT Academy will be with graduates from the same business area as you. The second, with a more diverse cohort from all different functions.Together, they’ll help you realise your potential and open your eyes to the wider world of BAT.

The formal training at the Academy is designed to help you do three things: brush up on your functional capabilities, sharpen your commercial edge and hone the skills you need to be an inspirational leader. And because you will have close interaction with your senior colleagues, you’ll gain a fantastic insight into the future direction of the business too.

As well as supporting your professional development, the Academy is a great opportunity to connect with fellow graduates from around the world, so you can share your experiences, celebrate your achievements and grow together.


A vast amount of world class training opportunities are open for you at BAT. Starting from foundation courses like Product Knowledge Foundation, Leading Self, Finance for Non Finance Managers and Project Management, there are a number of local training courses and/or materials which will help your business awareness and functional development into a manager at BAT. The opportunities do not just end there - you have access to more than three thousand online courses in our system to learn from. Your learning opportunities are abundant, and you need to make the best use of it.
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