Susanna De Iesu

Susanna De Iesu's Journey through Women In Leadership

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Susanna De Iesu

Susanna attended BAT’s Women in Leadership (WIL) programme at our global centre for international trainings just before starting a new role as a Regional Manager at BAT Italia. She says: “My biggest concern at the time was that 95% of my direct reports would be male, but the Women In Leadership programme helped me realise that most of the worries were in my mind.

I learned from the WIL programme that three things matter regardless of gender, age, race or creed:

• CONFIDENCE in your capabilities. You are where you are because you deserve it and you can pitch for more!
• Your LEADERSHIP style: Understand when and how to flex your leadership style to adapt to different situations or environments. Be aware of your areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
• Your AMBITION:  Visualize clearly where you want to be in your future, both professionally and personally.”
Susanna successfully performed in her Regional Manager role and moved up to become Head of Business Development.  

BAT’s Women in Leadership was designed to unlock the potential of female senior talent and prepare them to progress to higher positions of leadership. The week-long programme includes learning and coaching sessions on topics such as presence and gravitas, beliefs and confidence, authentic leadership, strategic networking and long-term career planning.
The programme was developed in partnership with Talking Talent, a consultancy focused on improving female talent in business.