Mariella Ricchezza

OE Manager - Group Corporate Functions

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I found myself mid-career, and was faced with the different paths I could pursue next.  I had accumulated a lot of experience over the years, and realised that my personal brand was evolving, but I needed to look at what that meant now.  Mentoring allowed me the opportunity to stop, reflect, challenge some of my thinking and really understand what my passions and ambitions were at this stage in my career.

We started by taking a wider perspective, aiming to understand how my career could ‘fit’ with my life goals. We explored my strengths, and looked at potential barriers and opportunities, before deciding how best I could move forward. Mentoring has boosted my confidence, and challenged me to have the courage to pursue my ambitions and have the right discussions to be able to achieve them.   Having a mentor was a game-changing opportunity for me.  I need to find passion and purpose in what I'm doing, and through my mentor's guidance and experience, he helped me to find what that means for me now.   I'm grateful to have had this opportunity and make the connection with my mentor.